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Commitment to service is top priority. Our clients depend on us for the protection of their most valued assets. We must treat them with utmost respect and care.


All Vanguard Protection & Security Services Inc Protection & Security Services Inc Security employees must adhere to strict ethical and best-practice guidelines. All members of Vanguard Protection & Security Services Inc Security are held responsible and accountable for their actions and decisions. Demonstration of good judgement is a must.


It is essential to our success that we develop and implement preventative measures that are sound, ensuring our clients’ personal safety.


Customer satisfaction is primarily achieved through effective communication. This process is facilitated through a survey process aimed at obtaining customer feedback.
about us

We are fully committed to fulfilling your needs and surpassing your expectations.

We recruit and train our personnel to surpass the industry standard by providing them with the appropriate knowledge, training and tools needed to achieve a service level that is second to none. We are leaders in your community. We lead by example, and we do this by initiating community-based security programs in partnership with community-based policing, community initiatives, communication, education and ongoing training.

Vanguard Protection & Security Services Inc provides each client with the highest level of security service best-suited to our clients’ environment. Because each environment is unique, a thorough evaluation is conducted to clearly identify and outline specific procedures and needs. Areas of evaluation may include tenant type, level of public relations, areas of high sensitivity, and traffic flow within or on the property. Upon completion, we determine the level of security/service required as well as the number of personnel required to provide the most effective and cost-efficient service possible.

We are an elite security firm specializing in identifying risk and developing customized solutions for high profile clients.

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