Aviation security is the frontline defense for safeguarding airports, aircraft, passengers, and cargo from threats like terrorism, hijacking, and sabotage.

Comprehensive Aviation Security Solutions

Whether you manage a single aviation facility or oversee multiple airports, Vanguard is your trusted partner for state-of-the-art security solutions.

Our security officers are dedicated to ensuring the safety of your premises, safeguarding your valuable assets, and preventing unauthorized access. We prioritize compliance with regulatory standards and maintain efficient security operations throughout your facilities. Many jurisdictions require security or safety plans for aviation properties, and we offer expertise in developing customized security strategies.

We Provide Security Services For:

– Airport security
– Asset protection
– Passenger and staff safety
– Access control
– Regulatory compliance

If your specific security needs are not listed above, we are prepared to discuss tailored solutions for your aviation security operations.


Your Partner in Airport Security

Over the past decade, Vanguard has expanded its footprint in delivering premier aviation security services to major airports nationwide. Our offerings encompass comprehensive solutions from pre-screening and access control for terminal and airside security to property-wide protection, including escort services, municipal by-law enforcement, and mobile patrol support.

Vanguard Security’s extensively trained officers are the ideal choice to ensure the safety and satisfaction of your visitors, airlines, and staff.

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