Vanguard offers certified safety programs and industry-leading employee training to ensure the security of your operations.

Premier industrial security solutions

Whether overseeing a single industrial site or managing multiple facilities, Vanguard stands as your trusted partner for cutting-edge security solutions. Our security personnel are committed to safeguarding your premises, protecting valuable assets, and preventing unauthorized access. We prioritize adherence to regulatory standards and maintain efficient security operations across all facilities. Many jurisdictions mandate security or safety plans for industrial properties, and we excel in crafting customized security strategies. Our Security Services Include:
  • Site security
  • Asset protection
  • Staff safety
  • Access management
  • Regulatory compliance

If your specific security needs aren’t listed, we’re ready to discuss tailored solutions for your industrial security requirements.

Leading Industrial Security Services

Safety and security are paramount concerns for any Oil, Gas, and Industrial enterprise, with the delicate balance between the two being crucial.

At Vanguard, we utilize cutting-edge integrated system technologies, highly trained security officers, and a dedicated management team to ensure the creation of the safest and most secure environments possible.

While competitors grapple with discerning subtle differences across industries, Vanguard has developed a comprehensive security program designed to centrally manage and oversee national and international accounts.

Leveraging our 24-hour ULC Operations Centers, strong national account strategy, and the capability to execute defined operational best practices, we are setting a new standard in warehouse and distribution.

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